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Patient information

Implantation of an artificial hip is one of the most effective treatment methods for hip osteoarthritis. It can help patients lead a largely normal life again but also requires special care. The best artificial joint and an optimal surgical technique with the associated instruments are only truly effective when patients are also taught how to live with their new joint. Lots of things become possible again with an artificial joint: independence, freedom from pain, mobility, activity and exercise/sports. However: An artificial joint is just that – a replacement of the original and must be treated as such. Extreme force brought about by some types of athletic activities can place excessive stress on the artificial joint, causing it to wear faster. Zimmer assists doctors with patient education by providing informational brochures, flyers and films. The material conveys knowledge about osteoarthritis and artificial joints, rehabilitation, sports and follow-up care and provides practical, everyday tips on living with the new joint. Information on Your New Knee can be downloaded here