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The quality of a prosthesis is, in part, evidenced by its durability. The life of an artificial joint is influenced by various factors: the design, the material and the expertise employed in the manufacturing process. But the surgical technique is also important when it comes to the positioning and stability of the prosthesis. Last but not least, patients can help keep their new joint in top condition as long as possible when they are properly educated on how to live with it.

Quality as an obligation

Zimmer is a leading global hip arthroplasty company. Every fifth hip implanted worldwide is a Zimmer hip.

Continuing education for doctors

Different than with medicinal products, the doctor who works with a medical device such as a hip prosthesis has a direct impact on the treatment success.

Patient information

Implantation of an artificial hip is one of the most effective treatment methods for hip osteoarthritis. It can help patients lead a largely normal life again but also requires special care.

Market surveillance after launch

In order to collect and analyse data about its products after market introduction, Zimmer employs a so-called Post Surveillance Program.

Endoprosthesis registry

An endoprosthesis registry can help improve the quality of care and save on health care costs.